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Permanent Hair Removal through Thermolysis / Electrolysis / Microlysis

If not satisfied with any of the permanent hair removal therapy available in the beauty services, try our Electrolysis / Microlysis. Electrolysis is the most effective way of removing unwanted facial hair permanently. In this technique a needle is inserted in the hair follicle till it reaches the hair root, then a minor intensity current is passed through this needle which burns the hair root and the hair easily slides off the follicle, hair root becomes weaker and weaker after every treatment, making it finer treatment after treatment and ultimately vanishes. Electrolysis is for thick and coarse hair. Where as Microlysis is for finer facial hair growth mostly on the side locks and upper lips. People who dont like to bleach this finner hair can get rid of it thru Microlysis.

Facials / Clean-ups

If you are looking out for good face, chest, shoulder, half back massage along with a cleanup, our facial will satisfy your need, We do facials of O3, Cheryl’s, VLCC, Richfeel, Aroma Essence,Gold Facial,Pearl Facial, Oxylife and many more in reasonable rates, we have more than 95% of satisfied clients.

We also give facials for Acne prone skin with own aroma therapy gel.


Treat your ingrown and thick coarse hair growth with our way of Waxing.

We give guaranteed result in thinning down your body hair growth in just 3 sittings. We have clients who were unhappy because of ingrowth and course thick growth after waxing, who are now happy with our way of waxing.

Head Massage

We give a good head massage with facial drainage points, it covers ear massage, neck and full back massage till the tail bone with 100% pure almond oil

Manicure and Pedicure

We provide best in class Manicure and Pedicure services with best foot and calf massage. It Cools and refreshes the skin with unique ingredients and protects it from pigmentation, moisture loss and other harsh effects. Cracked heals can be treated with our special essiential oils and scraping technique.

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